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+386 1 307 35 00

In pursuit of our vision for 20 years!

On the pillars of professional standards and our own expertise we have been following our vision in ensuring integrity in Slovenian capital market.

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

For 20 years, we have been enriching the Slovenian securities market with diverse modern and high-quality services, ensuring transparency in maintaining the central securities registry, simple and safe operations and reliable technical and operational support for our members.

We would like to thank all those whose work and dedication have ensured our place as an efficient and well respected CSD. Let's continue to follow our vision on successful development course for the next 20 years!


Securities holders can receive annual account balance statement throughout the following year

In January 2012, KDD introduced electronic annual account balance statement that is accessible on-line for natural persons who have a digital certificate, issued by an authorized certification authority in Slovenia.

Holders may also receive annual account balance statement by regular mail or collect it at KDD premises. To receive the statement by mail, holders are kindly asked to submit their request simply by using a web application on KDD website.

Annual account balance statement as of 31 December of a respective year is free of charge and is available throughout the following year.

Considering various possibilities of receiving the annual account balance statement, the latter shall no longer be automatically dispatched by mail.

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Selected statistics

Value of settled transactions on 26/11/2015
SegmentValue in EUR
Organised market2,726,453.45
Long-term Debt Instruments153,832.56
Short-term Debt Instruments0.00
OTC DVP1,086,519.33

Value of Settled Transactions in 5 last days

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