Frequently Asked Questions - Holders

  • Will KDD inform the account holders of the transfer to court deposit prior to doing so?

    The court deposit of securities that have not been transferred by their holders from registry accounts to accounts maintained by KDD members within a legal deadline will not happen automatically. Every account holder will be notified of the court deposit prior to the deposit. Moreover, KDD is already informing account holders of the termination of registry accounts on its website. For more information, account holders can contact KDD at

  • What are the costs if I decide for a court deposit?

    It should be emphasized that securities deposited with court will no longer be made out in the name of their earlier owner but in the name of the court. Therefore, the exercise of rights arising from these securities will be impaired for their previous holder. Moreover, if the securities are not acquired from deposit-in-court in five years, they will belong to the Republic of Slovenia.

    Costs related to the court deposit will depend on the value of deposited securities and will be assessed as other costs in non-litigious civil procedures in court (thus taking into account the court fees, attorney's fee and other applicable sources).

    ZNVP-1 stipulates that the transfer of securities to an account held by a competent court should in some cases be free of charge - when the securities are transferred to a deposit-in-court account from a registry account held by a natural person, whereby the value of all dematerialized securities in the registry account that will be deposited with the court does not exceed 100 EUR and none of the dematerialized securities in the registry account are listed on the organised market. The service shall also be free of charge when the holder of the registry account has not received any payments from dematerialized securities kept in the registry account. Nevertheless, certain costs will incur due to other procedural tasks.

  • What do I need to do prior to the date of the termination of registry accounts?

    Actions that you need to take prior to the date of the termination of registry accounts depend on your interest regarding your securities:

    • if you wish to keep your securities, you can make all the necessary arrangements with the selected KDD member (see Settlement members ), where you will open an account to which you will transfer your securities from the registry account;
    • if you no longer wish to hold the securities and would like to waive them, you are to inform KDD thereof on a form (more: Dereliction of Securities);
    • if you will not do anything of the above, your securities will be transferred to a court deposit. Should you later wish to acquire your securities from the court deposit, you will need to do so through a judicial proceeding (as stipulated by the Non-litigious Civil Procedure Act governing court deposits).


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