Frequently Asked Questions - Termination of Registry Accounts

  • What are the costs of transferring securities to an account maintained by a KDD member?

    Different KDD members charge different fees for services related to the termination of registry accounts and transfer of securities. Therefore, you should inquire about the fees directly from individual members. KDD shall not charge any fees for the transfer.

  • What will be the annual costs of a trading account?

    The Book Entry Securities Act (ZNVP-1) stipulates that the annual cost of keeping an account and the compensation for the balance maintenance on the trading account kept by a KDD member for a natural person should not exceed 0.5 % of the average value of securities in the account. These, however, are probably not the only fees that the account holder will need to pay. In any case, they represent a significant proportion of the tariffs charged differently by each KDD member.


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