Organisation and Management

Management Board 

The Management Board of KDD runs and represents the Company and acts on its behalf independently and on its own responsibility. KDD's Management Board consists of two members: 


Supervisory Board

The principal duty of the Supervisory Board of KDD is to approve the general terms of business and other general bylaws of the Company referring to its business activity and relations between KDD and its members, and supervise its business operations. Members of the Board are:


Janez Jelovšek

Chairman of the Board,
CONSILIO, Janez Jelovšek, s.p.

Srečko Kenda

Deputy Chairman of the Board,
Goldinar d.o.o.

Leon Klemše

Modra linija holding, d.o.o.

Branka Remškar

REMBRAN d.o.o.

Rok Šketa

KDD d.d.


Financial Statements

Financial Statements: December 31, 2016 Financial Statements: December 31, 2015 Financial Statements: December 31, 2014 Financial Statements: December 31, 2013 Financial Statements: December 31, 2012


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