Boris Tomaž Šnuderl

After several terms of succesfully leading KDD to a company that has earned a widely acknowledged reputation of a CSD that is providing safe, efficient, transparent and up-to-date infrastructure to the Slovenian capital market, he was appointed President of the Management Board again in July 2020.  In accordance with this resolution adopted by the company's Board of Directors, his term of office will continue for another six  years. 

Boris Tomaž Šnuderl has graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana. He continued his studies at the Institut des Relations Internationales in Paris, France, graduating in international commerce. His first employment was with the Ljubljanska banka Associated Bank, Ljubljana, where he worked as adviser in International Division. He actively co-operated in establishing the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, where he was Member of the Management Board and COO from 1990 to 1995. He actively participated in FIBV meetings - International Federation of Stock Exchanges and in working committees of FESE - Federation of European Stock Exchanges. He received specialist training in international institutions such as the US State Department, The Alberta Stock Exchange in Calgary, Canada, Midwest Clearing Corporation in Chicago, USA, Midwest Securities Trust Corporation in Chicago, USA and West Canada Clearing Corporation in Vancouver, Canada. In addition he obtained a  securities trader's licence from the Paris Stock Exchange. 

He co-operated in preparing the legislation relating to securities and the capital market in Slovenia. 

As a member of the Executive Committee he is active in ECSDA. 

He is fluent in English, French and Italian.


+386 1 307 35 00



Tivolska cesta 48, 1000 Ljubljana