Account Balance Statement

Should you need information on transactions with securities on securities account, please request a Statement of Transactions.

Account balance statement denotes balance on such date as determined by holder. If a holder does not determine a date, the balance statement shall denote balance on a day prior to statement issue date. For issuing account balance statement, KDD charges a fee according to KDD Price List.

You may receive account balance statement: 

  • By mail to your permanent address
    To receive account balance statement by mail to your permanent address, please do one of the following:
    • enter your identification in an interactive web form ,
    • send us a mail at: KDD d.d., Tivolska c. 48, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. Please, state your name and surname as well as your identification number (EMŠO or KID).
  • By mail to a different address than your permanent address or your mailing address as entered in the central securities registry
    In this case, you first have to request for such different address to be entered in the central securities registry as your mailing address. You may do this following the general procedure. Request for registration of mailing address.
  • By personal collection at the KDD premises on the 4th floor of the Eurocenter office building during business hours for clients. Please, have with you your identification document.

Upon receiving your request to obtain account balance statement, KDD shall invoice you in accordance with KDD Price List .

After receipt of payment KDD shall send the statement to your address. Should you wish to collect the statement personally at KDD premises, you may do so immediately after the payment has been made. 

For an account balance statement to be handed over to a person other than adult holder of the account in question, one has to present an authorisation document containing a verified holder's signature. For an account balance statement to be handed over to a parent of a minor holder of the account in question, one has to present minor’s birth certificate along with personal identification document.

In case you require additional explanations, we will be glad to answer your questions at our e-mail address .


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