Disposal of Securities

One of the rights of the security holder is the right of disposal of a security. Disposal may be onerous (sale) or non-onerous (gift). 

A holder disposes of its security by issuing an order for transfer of security to a new holder. Transfer of the security from the existing holder's account to the new holder's account is executed on the basis of the existing holder's order. 

The holder files the order with one of the authorised brokers at Slovenian brokerage firms or banks. KDD members older's orders are entered by a KDD member who maintains the holder's account (the holder's registry member) on the basis of a contract for dematerialised securities account maintenance.

KDD does not act as an agent in securities trading and does not purchase securities, which is why holders must turn to stock brokers for any explanations regarding procedures, required documents and relating costs.



*Third-party right on a dematerialised security is the right which restricts or encumbers the holder's rights. Third-party rights may be:

  • right to pledge (pledgee's right to compensate himself from the pledged security before other pledgees, if his claim is not settled upon maturity; the pledgee is compensated through the sale of pledged security);
  • beneficial interest (personal easement, giving the beneficiary the right to dividend or other yields of a security);
  • right of redemption (unilateral constitutive entitlement whose exercise means the conclusion of an agreement on the sale of a security, which is subject to the right of redemption, between the security holder as seller, and holder of the right of redemption as buyer, for a given price, in a given period or on a given day);
  • pre-emptive right (right of entitled person to be notified by the security holder of intended sale of the security and offered to buy it under the same terms and conditions);
  • limitation on disposal of a security to the benefit of a given person (special type of third-party right, arising when the security holder, through a legal transactions concluded to the benefit of a given person, waives the disposal of the security for a given period).


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