KDD Information System

KDD provides access to information system:

  • over secured internet connection and
  • through SWIFT network.

KDD information system provides following services to its users:

  • Data exchange between users and CSD information system using XML standard,
  • GUI application »Klient« for interactive usage of the system (U2A),
  • web services for posting electronic orders into CSD system (A2A),
  • ISO 15022 messages exchange over SWIFT network (A2A),
  • web services for data transfer into participants' back office systems, government and other institutions' information systems,
  • exchange of data with other information systems (TARGET2, TARGET2-Securities, stock exchange, central bank payment system),
  • internet portal for securities issuer services,
  • internet portal for ordering and retrieval of statement of account for securities holders.

KDD information system is secure and reliable, which is provided by:

  •  technologies that assure confidentiality, integrity and availability, among other: PKI infrastructure, encryption, data replication and backup on different locations and in different form, multi-tier security measures defending information system against malicious activities,
  • following international standards for information security and business continuity (ISO 27000 in ISO 22301),
  • adequate backup location for business continuity with secondary information system and working premises,
  • regularly conducting internal and external security (e.g. penetration) tests and IT audits, and conducting regular business continuity and disaster recovery tests.

KDD is constantly developing new information system's functionality based on regulative and business requirements of securities market participants. 


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