Mission, Vision and Corporate Values

KDD's mission is the long-term provision of the highest possible level of security, reliability and efficiency of trading in financial instruments, providing effective support for integration and stability of the financial instruments market and long-term reduction (optimisation) of costs and increase in the volume of transactions on the financial market.

KDD's vision is to remain one of the most highly-regarded, safe and credible institutions on the financial market that is integrated in a single European and international financial region and actively involved in the process of building a solid, compliant, integrated and cost-efficient financial market. In that regard it provides users with comparable, efficient, high-quality, cost-optimised and diverse services.

KDD's corporate values derive from fundamental values, such as knowledge, transparency, user-oriented services, development, security and reliability. Through our knowledge and expertise, understanding the needs of our users and direct orientation towards users and the use of contemporary technologies, KDD will continue to ensure the high-quality of its services and thus achieve the highest level of trust that a business entity can enjoy on the market.


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