Communication between members-issuers and KDD in relation to data transmission

In order to optimise operating processes standardised communication between members-issuers and KDD in relation to data transmission runs through a secure website at Access for registered users is enabled by authentication through qualified certificate. A qualified certificate is assigned by a qualified trust service provider (i.g. POSTArCA, HALCOM-CA, SIGEN-CA, SIGOV-CA, AC-NLB).

KDD also offers its members-issuers a training programme for individuals to receive data through the secure website.

If you encounter problems or need additional infomation, please refer to

The requested details are also available to members-issuers at KDD in person. KDD gives details to the legal representative of a respective member-issuer or another person duly authorised to receive said data.

Help in ordering and receiving requested data

For help with ordering and receiving data, we at KDD will be happy to assist you either by telephone on +386 1 307 35 00 or by email at  Your order will reach us by fax on +386 1 307 35 07 or 01 307 35 08. You can also reach us by post at Tivolska cesta 48, 1000 Ljubljana.



+386 1 307 35 00



Tivolska cesta 48, 1000 Ljubljana