Obtaining data on securities holders

Members-issuers of registered securities


KDD provides issuers, who are also its members, with details of holders of their registered securities as per the balance on the final business day of the month in each respective month. Regular monthly reporting of data on holders of registered securities is performed through a secure website (more on this in the section on communication between respective members-issuers and KDD). In addition, KDD provides its members-issuers with data on shareholder register, supplemented with information about the type of account in which the holder has registered its securities.

For members-issuers whose registered securities rank among the more liquid, KDD also offers the option of daily data on holders. If you are a member-issuer and would like to order an additional service of daily reports of data on holders, we shall be glad to assist you.

KDD can also process the data on holders in accordance with the order of member-issuer.

Based on frequent demand, the following are standardised data processing formats that are available to members-issuers:

  • data on holders as per the balance on a given date with or without the inclusion of types of accounts,
  • data on 50 of the largest holders as per the balance on a given date,
  • data on changes in quantities of the securities in a selected period and
  • data on securities pledged in favour of the member-issuer.

Details on holders of registered securities are also available to persons or entities who are not members-issuers, whereby KDD may disclose the following:

  • Public data on holders with or without the inclusion of types of accounts.

If you are interested in receiving data from shareholders' registers please send us your request in written format.

The Act amending the Book-Entry Securities Act (ZNVP-1B, Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 43/2019 of 28 June 2019) brings certain changes. 

We especially wish to emphasise that after 31 August 2019 KDD shall perform the transfer of all remaining shares on terminated registry accounts onto a joint special account for transfer to Kapitalska družba (KAD). The persons eligible to take on said shares will continue to be listed in the share register but will be limited in the exercising of their rights until they actually take on their shares onto their accounts held with KDD system members.

When you order a share register for the purposes of carrying out a shareholder meeting or otherwise gather data from share registers for the purposes of carrying out shareholder meetings we kindly ask you to notify us especially of this fact so that we may also provide data on persons who remain entered into share registers (shares have not yet been delivered to KAD  - this will occur after 31 December 2021) but are limited in the exercising of their rights.


Members-issuers of bearer securities

Upon request of members-issuers of bearer securities, KDD issues holders of bearer securities a certificate for participation at he General Meeting.

Certificates are issued in the form of codes, whereby KDD provides the database of issued codes to the respective member-issuer.


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