KDD has begun to enable entries in relation to investment coupons of various index funds of management company EXPAT Asset Management EAD. 

This is an important step both in terms of continuous integration of the Slovenian financial instruments market into a common European market as well as in terms of expanding the range of different types of instruments registered in KDD's central registry. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the successful conclusion of the process: first and foremost, to issuer EXPAT for their demonstrated trust, the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and ATVP for their constructive cooperation.  

We hope that the successful conclusion of this process will encourage other domestic and foreign management companies to issue investment coupons with KDD.

More information on Expat and their funds


Important cautions regarding investment coupons


  1. As these are investment coupons of a Bulgarian management company, the contents and exercising of rights emanating from investment coupons in relation to the issuer is also subject to Bulgarian law.

  2. As KDD will enable subscription of said investment coupons based on a contract entered into directly with management company Expat as the issuer, KDD shall not maintain the role of the investor central depository company that would deposit the cover quota of investment coupons on its escrow account held with the issuing central depository company; consequently, the connection in question is not one involving central depository companies in the sense of Art. 48 of CSDR (Regulation (EU) no. 909/2014).

  3. As with issuers of other securities, KDD shall not provide any guarantees regarding the issuer's undertakings, which are incorporated within the investment coupons (including the validity or recoverability of undertakings as well as regarding the value of investment coupons, or, for that matter, any other circumstances), whereby KDD waives any liability to whomever in relation thereto.

  4. Any acquirer of investment coupons consents to their component elements by acquiring the same.



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