User-friendly digital ownership management platform

Powered by permissioned distributed ledger technology (DLT)

Focused on Digitalization Solutions for Equity Issuers

Digitalization is permeating how companies are doing business. Companies are using easy to use digital services for accounting, banking and managing ownership. KDD is a long-standing asset servicing and securities depository services provider to stock companies in the SEE region.  By partnering with a fintech company Securities Grid, KDD is committed to solidifying its leadership with best-in-class services and infrastructure to its current and future client base.

Together with Securities Grid, KDD has launched a digital ownership management platform, that is powered by permissioned distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Digital ownership management platform empowers CFOs, accountants and board secretaries with powerful solutions enabling them to:

  • Securely access their share register and monitor changes to the registry via secondary market transactions
  • Data exchange with KDD when issuing and distributing new securities
  • Communicate with their shareholders electronically to help facilitate and organize annual general meetings and distribute information via a private and equitable communication channel
  • Execute corporate actions with special focus on dividend payment execution
  • Streamline transactions and operations for shares with built-in pre-emption rights and transfer restrictions that require board approval, cutting complexity and costs for corporate and SME equity issuers
  • Manage internal buy and sell information exchange, enabling buyers and sellers of securities to connect and trade shares via KDD system members.

Additionally, the platform has benefits for shareholders of non-listed equities, since it facilitates the distribution of information relating to potential sale or buy interests by investors or other shareholders.

Digital ownership management platform can be used free of charge until 1 April 2021.

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